To deposit funds for current inmates

An individual account is established for each inmate. Money may be mailed to the inmate or can be dropped off in person. DO NOT MAIL CASH. We recommend a U.S. Postal Money Order. No online service for inmate deposits is available.  Money orders must be legible and contain the inmate's full name (with middle initial) to ensure it is applied to the correct account. They must also have the sender's full name and address, otherwise they will not be processed.

To deposit funds for current inmates:

In Person:

  • Up to $380 may be deposited into prisoner's accounts each week.

  • Cash or money orders are accepted in person in the Main Lobby of the jail twenty-four hours per day.

  •  Bring exact amount, no change is available. A $2.00 fee is charged per transaction.

By Mail :

  • Only money orders may be sent through the U.S. Mail.

  • Money Orders sent through the U.S. Mail must be made out to the inmate, with the inmate’s full name and the purchaser’s full name and address.: