• Money orders may be sent to:  Telmate, LLC, PO Box 1137, Fruitland, ID 83169. Include the inmate’s full name and whether you want the deposit made to the phone account or the inmate trust account.
  • Prepaid phone and inmate trust deposits can be made through the kiosk located in the jail lobby as well as the kiosks located at Vanderburgh, Delaware, Knox, Marshall, Washington, Lake, Hamilton, Miami and Whitley County Jail lobby kiosks.
  • Cash fees are $2 per $100 deposit.
  • Online deposits can be made through
  • Deposits by phone: 866.516.0115

Telmate, the new inmate phone system, will go live Thursday, February 11, 2016.  Please use funds from the GTL before that date.  You will need to contact GTL for a refund of any unused funds.