Animal Management

301 N. College Avenue
Bloomington, IN 47404
PH: (812)-349-2585 
FAX: (812)-349-2828 

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Animal Management officers are special Deputy Sheriffs who respond to animal-related complaints and problems received from the public.  They patrol the county looking for animals at-large and violations of the county animal ordinances, dealing primarily with domestic animals and livestock problems; however, they are called on to deal with injured wildlife at times.  They investigate animal bites to humans and other animals and ensure proper quarantine monitoring of all involved animals.  The Animal Management officers provide 24-hour emergency service and assist Monroe County Sheriff Deputies with animal-related cases.

Animal Management Ordinance Violations Fee Schedule [PDF]

Commercial Animal Management Establishment Application [PDF]

Commerical Animal Management Establishment Application Checklist (to be used as a reference) [PDF]