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Beware of Scams

A Tax Warrant is not an arrest warrant. A widespread scam is circulating around Indiana: you get a phone call, and your Caller ID may actually display that the call is originating from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office or another governmental agency. The person on the other end of the line tells you that they are with the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, notifies you that you have an outstanding tax warrant, then threatens that you will be arrested if your Tax Warrant is not paid. They will apply pressure for you to make immediate payment to avoid arrest by purchasing prepaid credit cards, prepaid gift cards, or transferring funds directly from your bank account. THIS IS ALWAYS A SCAM! 

NEVER purchase prepaid gift cards or prepaid credit cards for this purpose. The scammer will ask you to reveal the numbers on the back of the prepaid card. As soon as you do, that is just like handing them actual currency. Even though the card never leaves your hands, the scammer now has your funds. Sadly, once you allow a wire transfer or submit that card info to a scammer, it is nearly impossible to recover your monetary loss.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office won't ever call you and demand payment or threaten your arrest for any reason, and furthermore, a legitimate tax warrant can be easily verified (see below), so rest assured, no one is coming to arrest you.

Report Scams
If you receive a phone call threatening arrest for a Tax Warrant, please hang up and call the Department of Revenue at 317-232-2165 or the Monroe County Sheriff's Office Tax Warrant Division at 812-349-2015 to verify a tax warrant. 

While delinquent taxes may lead to an arrest warrant at some point if unpaid, a Tax Warrant itself is not cause for arrest. Please help spread awareness of this scam so your friends and loved ones do not become victims.